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The Best Flea Collars

The most problematic part of the summer season is the annoying fleas attacking your precious dog. If you leave your dog defenseless against fleas, it can lead to intense scratching, skin irritations, wounds, and possibly even infection. It’s important to find products and strategies to keep those nasty critters away from your canine companion. Lucky for you, flea collars are excellent and stylish ways to protect your dog from annoying fleas. This article will provide you with the top dog flea collar reviews available today.

Popular Dog Flea Collars

dog flea collar reviewsMajority of the flea collars that you can purchase in the pet store contain ingredients that will keep the fleas away from your dog. Most people expect these collars to kill the fleas, but keep in mind that some collars only repel, and not kill. All collars are generally safe, as you just wrap it around the dog’s neck. Since the dog can’t lick the collar on their neck, they will not be able to consume the ingredients that can cause stomach upset. Usually, these collars will not harm or kill your dog. These high quality, non-greasy, odorless flea collars are safe to use. They are adjustable and do not require any monthly application. The flea collar is water resistant so you can continue to use them despite giving your dog a bath with the collar on. Since flea collars are very popular, there are various brands that you can choose from.

Seresto Flea Collar

[amazon box=”B00B8CG602″]  

Pro IconPros

  • Part of Bayer, a well-known company
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Non-greasy and odorless
  • Offers up to eight months of protection
  • Kills fleas upon contact to fur

Con IconCons

  • Potential skin irritation
Seresto is part of the Bayer flea collar brand and is an excellent flea collar for outdoor and indoor dogs. This is an excellent option for dogs that don’t like to take flea medication or owners that just don’t like to administer them. [amazon link=”B00B8CG602″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is a high-quality and veterinarian recommended flea and tick prevention for your dogs. One flea collar can offer up to eight months of protection. This is very convenient because it allows you to avoid the hassle of treating your dog on a monthly basis. The collar is clean, non-greasy, and odorless. This flea collar can kill fleas that get in contacts to your pet’s fur, thus protecting your dog from potential flea bites. The collar will slowly and gradually release a low concentration of ingredients to protect your dog from annoying fleas. The only issue that dog owners have with this type of flea collar is potential skin irritation. If your dog is allergic to the ingredients found in this flea collar, he or she might experience a skin allergy. When you see red and swollen areas around the neck, definitely stop using the collar. Overall, the majority of dog owners have witnessed positive results from this collar.

Hartz Flea Collar

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Pro IconPros

  • Water resistant
  • Kills and prevents fleas up to six months
  • Kills fleas in all life stages (eggs, larvae, adult)

Con IconCons

  • Potential skin irritation
The Hartz flea collar is an excellent product that will destroy and repel flea invasions. It is water resistant so you won’t have to replace it if you give Fido a bath. It will kill and prevent flea eggs for up to seven months. This will give your dog almost a year-long amount of protection. Keep in mind that for every adult flea that you see, there are 20 more fleas in the immature stages which includes larva and eggs. It’s important to have a flea collar that would kill every stage of the flea. Luckily, the [amazon link=”B000633VFC” link_icon=”amazon” /] can do so without a problem. It will keep the insect growth under control. This is very important because often times other types of flea collars will only kill the adult stage. The eggs can latch onto the fur, and the dogs can bring those in the house and drop them on the carpet. This can lead to an unwanted infestation in your house. The Hartz flea color is designed to prevent this situation from happening. The only issue is that if your dog is allergic to the ingredients found in the collar, they can develop a crusty and reddish reaction around their neck. Overall, the majority of the dogs have experienced nothing but full protection from the Hartz collar.

Sentry Flea Collar

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Pro IconPros

  • Fast acting
  • Affordable
  • Kills up to 98% of fleas and ticks within 24 hours

Con IconCons

  • Can be very toxic
  • Potential stomach upset and irritation
The [amazon link=”B00B8CG602″ link_icon=”amazon” /]collar is known to be fast acting and provides lasting protection. It can help kill fleas and ticks for up to six months. It is also affordable and low-cost as compared to other flea collars. Often times, this flea collar would cost around half of the price of other dog flea collars. It contains powerful ingredients that can repel and kill the fleas at the same time. It works very well, unfortunately, it can also be very toxic. There have been reports that the collar has caused some stomach upset and irritation to the dogs. This is mainly because the ingredients are extremely potent. It can kill up to 98% of fleas and ticks within 24 hours.

Zodiac Flea Collar

[amazon box=”B0123H9D3M”]  

Pro IconPros

  • Very affordable
  • Kills and repels fleas for up to 7 months

Con IconCons

  • Reports of itchy skin irritation
  • Not water resistant
The [amazon link=”B01LW6DUA7″ link_icon=”amazon” /] is highly affordable. It is one of the cheapest dog flea collars in the market. They can kill and repel fleas for up to seven months. It will start working immediately once you wrap a collar around your dog’s neck. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the flea collar. Some owners have reported that the collar has caused itchy skin irritation to their dogs. This is mainly because their dogs had an allergic reaction towards the ingredients in the collar. Also, if you give your dog a bath with a flea collar on, it might not be as effective in getting rid of fleas. The flea collar is not a hundred percent water resistant. If it gets completely drenched, then you will probably need to get a new one. Overall, a lot of owners are satisfied with its effects despite some of the several downsides to the product. The flea collar truly works and is usually safe for your pets. If you are looking for a flea collar at an affordable price, then the zodiac is something you might want to check out.

Popular Stores that Sell Flea Collars

Walmart – Adam Flea Collar

[amazon box=”B01AI5XMUQ”]  

Pro IconPros

  • Affordable
  • Repels and kills fleas and flea larva
  • Works when wet
  • Adjustable, one size fits all

Con IconCons

  • The end of the collar can be a major hazard if not trimmer properly
Looking for a dog flea collar in Walmart is a dream come true. They provide a variety of selections at an affordable price. They have popular dog flea collar brands available in-store and online. If you purchase online, they have a two-day shipping schedule so you will be able to get them as soon as possible. One best selling dog flea collar in Walmart is the Adams flea and tick collars for dogs. The [amazon link=”B06W51XJQ2″ link_icon=”amazon” /] provides seven months of protection for your dog. It will repel and kill these little critters. The best part is that it also kills the flea larva so your dogs won’t be bringing them in the carpet. This is a fast-acting treatment that also acts as a one-stop protection. It even continues to work when it is wet. That means you can give your dog a bath without fearing that you will have to replace the collar. Another great feature is that it is one size fits all because of its adjustable function. The only problem with the collar is that when you trim the collar to make it properly on your pet, the end will be sticking out. This can be a major hazard because it can snag onto fabrics and other items. However, it’s an effective product overall.

Petco – Bio Spot Flea Collar

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Pro IconPros

  • Kills fleas at any life stage
  • Provides up to 7 months of protection

Con IconCons

  • Potential skin irritation
Petco is truly where the pets go. It is also where you should go when your dog is being attacked by fleas. Petco contains a wide variety of flea collars that can help repel and destroy the fleas. One of their best collars is the Bio spot flea and tick collar. This amazing collar can be found online at such a low price. The [amazon link=”B00PLJ7MIS” link_icon=”amazon” /] will kill fleas, eggs, and larvae. This is important because often times larvae and eggs can remain hidden in the dog’s fur. When a flea-infested dog comes into the house, they could spread the flea eggs and larvae everywhere. Luckily, the Bio spot collar will prevent this from happening. The collar will provide seven months of protection so you won’t have to constantly change your dog’s flea protection. Similar with the others, the only issue with the collar is that if your dog is allergic to some of the ingredient, it can result in some skin irritation, but the majority of the customers are nevertheless still satisfied with the product and would buy them again if needed.


dog flea collar reviews Fleas can harm your pet and wreck havoc in your household. Prevention and getting rid of them should be a priority once you find out that they are present in your surroundings. If you want to find out more about fleas and how to get rid of them, check out this article: How to Get Rid of Fleas on a Dog