About Doodles Daily

Who we are & what we do

About DoodlesDaily

Hey there! We’re Ben & Chad, and we run DoodlesDaily.com. 

We’re a growing team here at DoodlesDaily. We’re located in beautiful British Columbia, but operate across the United States and Canada. 

We began our journey breeding and training dogs over 11 years ago, while still in High School, when we started a dog-walking business. At first, we focused on training and walking dogs for busy parents. Over time we developed our training skills to coach stable and confident temperaments that could perform at high levels in certain dog sports.

Our mission is simple – help others nuture and train their loveable pups into family-orientated, stable and high performing dogs. 

We accomplish this through thoroughly studying training, nutrition & wellness to ensure we’re informing you with the most updated information available. And, it’s not just about looks! 

Our priority is and always will be health and temperament, but we do provide information on grooming and breeding.  We strongly believe the best practice is to put a ton of time into socializing and training your puppy during pivotal developmental periods so that they have a happy & confident head start at life.