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Labradoodles in Florida

Superior genetics plus our master puppy program produce non-shedding, confident, cuddly doodles

We have Australian Labradoodles in Florida and Colorado

Non Shedding/Hypoallergenic

You won't have to constantly vacuum or lint roll your clothes like with most breeds. Our Labradoodles hair is similar to humans and most of our doodles don't trigger allergies in most cases.

Socialized & Easy to Train

We begin crate training, marker training, and litter box training to make things much easier for you when your pup arrives. Your pup will be exposed to new challenges, people, dogs, and places daily.

Health Guarantee

We do full health testing and DNA testing on all of our Labradoodles to ensure your puppy can give you love and cuddles for many years to come. Pups come with a 2 year health guarantee.

Why Choose One of Our Labradoodles?

You want the cutest pup with the most amazing personality who’s raised with love and care by a family who’s been breeding and training for over 11 years. We HATE dog Kennels and ensure all of our Australian Labradoodles are raised in loving homes in Florida or Colorado, either with us, or one of our awesome guardian homes.

We put far more work into our puppies then other breeders to ensure they’ll fit happily into your life, without so much of the stress that comes from receiving a poorly raised & unsocialized pup.

We specialize in breeding medium and mini labradoodles. 

What is An Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle, like the ones we breed here in Florida, are essentially a pure breed in development that started in the 1980s. Idea for the Australian Labradoodle was to take the basic labradoodle (Labrador x Poodle) and create a pure breed dog that’s non-shedding and can be used as a service dog for those who have allergies.

To assist in these efforts many breeders in Australia began introducing other breeds into the labradoodles to help achieve their goals and keep the bloodlines healthy. Most often it was the English and American Cocker Spaniel, and some lines included wheaten terriers. 

Today we have many different associations that help protect the strength of this breed, such as the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America). These associations provide registrations and mandate health testing for all breeding dogs, which is essential to keeping the breed healthy.

Customer Testimonials

Thank You for Louie. He's been an amazing addition to our family and we all love him so much. I'll be sure to send you photos of our upcoming camping trip.
Jonah Torris
Ivan has been amazing to work with! We love our girl SO MUCH! She has formed such an amazing bond with our 2 girls and I think she's really been the perfect match for our family.
Kelley Remington
Milo is seriously the best dog I've ever owned. Since the very first day he got here, he's always been so confident and happy. Our older dog took a while to get used to him but now they're best friends and follow each other around 24/7. Thanks for all the time you put in and all the advice you gave us.
Jay Alvarez

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